"Happy Hooker IV" is a 32’ Marinette Sedan made of welded aluminum.

They are known as one of the strongest boats around. It has twin Chrysler V-8 engines that were put in new in 2008. It is equipped with top of the line rods and reels, the newest baits and tackle, Radar, Sonar, GPS navigation, (3) ship to shore radio, a large bathroom with washbasin, hot and cold running water, dinette, and AM-FM stereo with CD player.

When it comes to boats, (any boat) things can and do malfunction on occasion. The Happy Hooker IV is always exceptionally maintained and beautifully cleaned.  Ladies, it has the cleanest bathroom of all the charter boats. An inventory of the spare parts that most commonly fail is kept on board and 99% of the time, if something fails, it can be fixed on the spot without interruption.

You may have read on other sites the pros and cons of one boat material versus another.

The bottom line is they all have their good points and all make for safe boats. You should

be more concerned with your comfort and with whom you would like to spend the day fishing. “The Office” is a well maintained, safe, and, quiet boat.

From the moment you board “Happy Hooker IV” you know your ship has come in!


Happy Hooker IV Charters


Captain: Marty Running

Address:  325 Lake Av S
Duluth, Minnesota 55802

Phone: (218) 391-8466


Email: Captain Marty

Charter Dock Location:

Canal Park - Duluth

Waterfront Plaza

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